"Be careful What You Wish For"

Posted by racheal_storm on July 31, 2013 at 7:15 PM

The title of my first ever fiction work.

I never realised the amount of effort that needs to go into writting a half pie decent book! Constantly I found I had to research information and was taken away from writing to seek it. Ok, I want a mansion in Miami but you cant just say that You need to build the dream and so I hunted real estate sites discovering their value, how many bedrooms, games rooms, pools, rifle ranges, boat berths and more. It takes time.

You want a super yacht with say 10 estate rooms? So how long is it? 30m? 60m? 100m? Does it have a helipad? What sort of small motorboat runabout? A games room? bar? pools? And if I want one to accomodate 40 people, how big will that be?

I want a brothel in Berlin but I cant just chuck it in the elite area or the industrial area.  They go claybird shooting and so what sort of shotguns do extremmely wealthy use?

Then when you write something that is full of sensual arousing erotica, you need a good supply of batteries believe me and then of course thats more distractions and spelling mistakes or missed words that need to be carefully checked for in proof reading. But then that is why it takes 4 days to proof read, more batteries and more stopping and starting.

Then you think you have finally got it finished and can stick it up on Amazon for sale. There is the wait as you worry it will be rejected as too saucy, too much sex. (is that possible?)

PHEW it was approved.

But now you have to market it and get people to buy it and return hopefully to leave a review.
How to market it when you are broke and have no money for advertising? You can only spam sites so much as they are sites that also interest you and you dont want to be blocked.

Its a bit like all those who say 'self publish is the way to go'. Well it is easy these days to get a book published by self publishing, $1500 = 100 copies. But then you are still left with how to sell them. They cost you $15/copy so you cant afford to give away many. What are you going to sell them for?

Writting a book is really easy, its once it is written, that the work really starts.

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