Just kick the Transsexuals around MP's.

Posted by racheal_storm on May 21, 2015 at 12:50 AM

So in the last few days, we have seen the Young Labour pass two remits at their conferences backing Gender Reassignment Surgery - Good on them for recognising a need and doing something.

But the good ended there.

A so called journalist decided to make a name for themselves and create a story, attempting to show the Labour Party up.
Labour Politicians were interviewed and, not suprisingly, were totally ignorant about it. Why should they have known, as the remits were only before the Young Labour conferences. Not the main Labour conferences, not policy.
Mind you Labour MP Nash from Napier showed his ignorace when he called it 'Gender Reaffirming Surgery'.

Not to be out done, Nationals Minister of Health, Mr Coleman, then showed even more ignorance calling it a 'nutty' idea and he wouldn't have a bar of it. Clearly he isnt aware that his Ministry of Health (MoH) have been spending money on Gender Reassignment Surgery all the time he has been Minister. The Special High Cost Funding Pool (SHCFP) has had the ability to fund 4 GRS every 2 years for sometime. Thats 1 FtM and 3 MtF GRS. The FtM ones have been done off shore as there has been no one here to do them and the MtF GRS that were done here under Mr Walker stopped early last year when he resigned and MoH are seeking a new surgeon to replace him.

Now today, Mr Little, Labour Party leader, in speaking after the National Budget, in Parliament made a lame joke at the expense of all the Transsexuals in New Zealand, desperate for GRS.

"I don't know what he's trying to hide, some sort of fiscal gender reassignment or something,..."

Sorry but that is just trying to make a mokery of Transsexuals and shows the level of seriousness the Leader of the Labour Party places on Transsexuals. Extremmely poor taste Mr Little. How does one make a Mr Little even smaller? He is shrinking everyday, shrivelling up and will soon be Mr Littler. Or will he reassign his name to Mr Micro, Leader of the Littler Party.

Now as most know, I am a sex change female. I have already had Gender Reassignment Surgery. I know many others like me. I know the huge benefits this has to the individual and can see the benefits to the country. Having more access, better access to the surgery doesnt effect myself but I have championed this since my own. It will give these people a life back, improve their self esteem. Give them confidence and get them back into the workforce easier. Help reduce suicides, reduce medical expenses the country is paying for.

When Mr Walker was doing GRS here in NZ, MtF GRS was costing around NZ$35,000 each one. Currently in Thailand MtF GRS costs approx NZ$15,000. We have approximately 73 Transsexuals sitting waiting on the SHCFP. Why are they waiting? This is the question some intelligent journalist should be asking. Why are they not being allowed to travel overseas for their surgery, as the SHCFP rules state when they cant be done in NZ?

I am sure even I could negotiate with a reputable Thai surgeon to do say 50 MtF GRS for less than NZ$15000 so why dont MoH? Using the figures above though, The National Government were allocating NZ$105,000 ever 2 years using Mr Walker here in NZ. With the same money but allowing patients to go to Thailand, travel and accomodation at the patients expense, the MoH could achieve 7 MtF GRS ever 2 years. NZ$750,000 would see 50 MtF GRS completed.

Yet the National Government would rather spend NZ$26m on referendums about a flag?
Is it any wonder Bill English, Nationals Minister of Finance cant balance the books in 7 years?

Come on you Government Ministers, MoH deciders, give me the ability to source these life saving surgeries off shore and stop this protectionism of old cronies in health. Telling Ministers that going off shore opens up the risks to failures. I know numerous Transsexuals, who have had GRS in Thailand, Apart from myself, I dont know one who has had any issues. My issues were my own fault and the support I received from my Thai surgeon was fantastic and cost NZ$500 to redo the whole GRS operation.

On the other hand, Mr Walker did few GRS operations by comparison here in NZ. I know several Transsexuals of his who had issues and some needed corrective surgery that cost the country. One had a huge problem that saw her having to privately go to Thailand to try to correct it. Where the Thai surgeon was shocked at what Mr Walker had done. But the MoH kept making girls go to him.

This whole matter is a farce. Transsexuals are treated as low of the low, the numbers dont warrant considering by MoH or Government officials. In fact they are happy to make a joke of it all.

Really poor taste Mr Little and Mr Coleman and all of you.

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