If you are a TransSEXUAL, you need to read this.

Posted by racheal_storm on May 25, 2015 at 2:25 AM

I have had Gender Reassignment Surgery.
I have been there, done that.
I am well down the track, totally happy in myself.
I stand up and speak out for Transsexuals. For those who follow in my and others footsteps.
Those born with a body that doesnt match their soul.
Those who believe in the binary of male and female. Those who know who they are and aren't floaters on a spectrum.
Those who believe in the spectrum are welcome to as long as they dont force their beliefs upon myself or those who think as we do. We have rights too you know.

I dont get anything out of this for me but do it because those who went before me, who stood up, made my journey easier.

Over the years, I have taken alot of crap from non Transsexual, Trans, Trans* or Transgender folk. Yep, at times it has hurt but really I dont care that much. I support the Transsexuals who are real and know who/what they are.

Over the last week, we have seen some media stories due to politicians comments concerning Gender Reassignment Surgery. Alas for those of us in the know, those politicians showed their ignorance about us. About Transsexuals and their need for GRS. What GRS means to us and how it can improve our way of life. I have seen some stories from Stuff and the Herald reposted, some comments on GLBT websites.

I have made comments where possible and some of my friends have.

What I have noticed is that a couple of leaders from certain Trans groups have been asked to make comment in the media. I have seen a few comments made in places from people clearly Trans. Usually with weird names, no picture, no profile, so basically anonymous and hidding. How can we have credibility if we cant be seen? Kudos to those who identify themselves but accept not all can.

In his apology, the leader of the Labour Party, Andrew Little was apparently asked....
" also asked if Little would consider meeting some transgender people to talk about the struggles they face accessing gender reassignment surgery, and he says he would be happy to." GayNZ

Well there is a huge openning for us!!! I believe Grant Robertson, Deputy Leader, Louisa Wall, Labour, Jan Logie Greens and others are also open to talking to us. The Rainbow Politicians have set up a cross Party working group, looking at Rainbow issues.

BUT, and here is the kicker for you Transsexuals out there, who do you want to have these conversations on your behalf?

Seriously, you need to consider this. Who do you want to represent you?

Alas most of the groups out there are all closed secret groups. No one actually sees what is going on in them. They dont seem interested in educating others. Most of those groups are heavy in Trans, Trans* or Transgender folk who arent transsexuals. They dont identify with the binary, they dont want GRS and dont understand the importance to us. How can they represent you?

I am not anti non Transsexual, Transgender folk but I can not see how they can best put the arguments for GRS, when it isnt what they themselves see as important. They see other issues as more important. Such as being included in the Human Rights Act. I am not saying there isnt a need for that but what is more important to you?
Gender Reassignment Surgery or having Transgender specifically stuck in an Act that some say we are already covered/others say we arent. Some say there needs to be a test case to prove it and others say the fact there has never been a test case, shows we are already included.

So please take a moment to consider. What do you see as important? What do you want the focus to be on? Do you want someone to step up and speak out for you? If you do, then you need to stand up and support them. Make comments of support in the media, in groups.

Groups do do a lot of good but do they represent your best interests. We have a growing awareness issue here and an opportunity to be heard. Write to Little, Robertson, Logie and others. Comment on news items and in group threats.

If you are sitting on the waiting list for GRS, currently I believe 73, speak up. Some Trans folk are commenting and actually have the same amount of knowledge re costs and numbers as the politicians do. None.

Wont affect me but if it affects you, speak up.

And then there is what is happening to ASHS, ADHB and WDHB..... How does that affect you? Who is representing you there? Believe me there is a lot happening there that hasnt come out yet but who knows???

Transsexuals, YOU need to start standing up for yourselves. Sorry but you need to stand up and support others who are standing up for you. I am not talking about me but others who are commenting on threads in social media. Who are themselves commenting in media articles, consulting with politicians. We must get the ear of politicians and media, doesnt matter which one but...................

TransSEXUALS need to be heard.

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Reply Flic Winter
8:10 AM on May 25, 2015 
Good for you posting this. We really need to talk more about it. I love the differentiation of transsexual from transgender. It's like cutting the crap from thousands of ideas and focusing on just one. Good for you!