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Support??? yea right

Posted by racheal_storm on May 25, 2012 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

So two Transsexual females who are waiting on the NZ Special High Cost Funding Pool waiting list, one who is seeking to go on it but is disillussioned with a 26 year waiting list and myself recently stood up publicly in the media to draw attention to this.

53 Transsexuals sitting on a waiting list for GRS.

At current rates of surgery, that is a 26 yr+ wait.

The list is growing.

Transsexuals are disillussioned and cant be bothered applying as it appears a waste of time.

Now what support did they get from the Transgender Groups and Gay community here in NZ?


And before it was actually released but the interviews were done, we were given negativity and knocks from the 'community'.

How pathetic these people are. Some TS people who are seriously disadvantaged and in need of help and support, took it on their own backs to go public and try to do something because the TG Groups werent doing anything. And they wind up with no back up support and everyone just sitting back and waiting for the opportunity to criticise.

Good ole kiwi mentality. Tall poppy syndromme and knockers.

Yes, I am now a TS separatist and happy to be. This was not about me and did me no favours. I have had my GRS. This is about the minority within the TG community. A small group of Transsexuals who need GRS. Its not elective or cosmetic surgery but needed.

The TG groups are controlled largely by young FtM feminist TS and Gender Confused. Lesbians who want to be men and men claiming to be TS Lesbians. Airey fairy acedemics and supposed interlectuals. More interested in safe spaces and anti bullying so much that you cant have a discussion as you will offend someone. They cant accept that others have a right to express views opposing their own and if one does then the femine bitchiness takes over and kattiness rules. Personal insults and screams of 'I feel unsafe' 'Bully' is all that is heard.

So Im working solely for Transsexuals. I want to see Transsexuals be considered and consulted aeperately and away from anything to do with TG. Inm the next few weeks I am going to lobby for this more and more with Politicians, Government agencies and more.
I dont care if it destroys the TG Community as it has pretty well destroyed itself of late in my eyes.

I have always been prepared to work alongside TG but Im pulling away from that. It may seem to some that Im attacking them but no, all I will be seeking is Transsexuals are recognised and consulted as Transsexuals, by Transsexuals.

So thanks to the TG Groups and the Gay Community for the lack of support for Simone, Louise, Jasmine and the other 51+. If you can get over your hatred and bitterness of me, then it would be great to see something, albeit late. Supposedly Transsexuals are part of these communities?? Not with what I have seen over this matter.

Genuine or rats leaving?

Posted by racheal_storm on April 22, 2012 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (0)

So Genderbridge Inc are holding a meeting this Saturday. An 'interactive planning session'?

Looking to the future and what the community wants.
And how to create a committe that is fun to be part of and who will be on it.

Now isnt that interesting.

I understand many of the existing committee are not seeking re election. Are they going to leave a group in trouble? Is it rats leaving a sinking ship? Who will want to clean up the mess when gone?Are they going to drop young members into it to clean up the mess? Not just with me but the mess that I see has been created in the last few years in the community. Where Genderbridge Inc has excluded some, maligned a few and left a bad taste in others mouths. The last few years Genderbridge has been devisive and split us all apart into fractions.

Or is this a genuine acknowledgement of we havent done our best and hope to find others who can lead the way to recover?

Believe me, with a change of the committee, my complaints havent gone away. You would think those leaving would like to clean up before they go but still they show no interest in discussing with me. Another complaint will be lodged by weeks end and an existing one will be updated with new supporting evidence. Little prickles left under the skin have a habit of festering into major sores. Experience tells me it is better to address the issue before it festers and a whole limb needs to be amputated.

So in answer to the first part, what do we want?

I'd like to see a return to a group catering to all in the TG community. A move away from merely protecting a sector of it. Going out and finding why the CD arent involved since they are the biggest sector in the TG community. What has happened to all the older girls who used to stand up? Where are they and why were they lost? Trying to stem the fighting by explaining we are all different and have different views. All have a right to express those views. Teaching respect of the older more experienced and showing the newer how they can benefit from their knowledge. Instead of encouraging the vulnerable to be defensive and scream unsafe space, educate them that older TS are not violent old dragons but people who have experience, knowledge and a desire to help.

To those thinking of taking on the leadership, consider if you are up to it as it is a huge job to bring Genderbridge Inc back to the organisation it was and alot of repair work needs to be done.

I really hope it can be bought back so good luck to you.

Vendetta? or genuine concern?

Posted by racheal_storm on April 8, 2012 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Some will, I am sure, be saying that I have a personal vendetta against Genderbridge, Jaimie Veale, Cathy Parker and Max Lawson but I do see a real concern in all this. Yes, I acknowledge there is a personal side to this because who likes to be labelled and judged negatively and with no right to contest it. That is cowardly and nasty. Make comments and not being willing to face the person is just gutless.

Genderbridge's attack on myself really says alot for Genderbridge's support ethos. How they wish to help Trans. They do this by condemnation?? Just last night at a function, I meet two TS who I didnt really know of and low and behold, they also have had run ins with Genderbridge Inc and left. Why? Because they spoke up and their views were not the same as the dictators who run the group. Genderbridge Inc is not a support group at all and is actually a danger to Transsexuals. It is not just a personal thing to me but also a firm belief that in its current form, Genderbridge Inc is near useless and is damaging to TS and TG.

So putting the personal attack aside, why do I see Genderbridge Inc as bad or wrong.

I believe that they are supporters of miss gendering, miss information that is harmful to young, vulnerable emerging TG. They are elitest and exclussionary and not welcoming to all.

They claim to and show in their rules that they support the 'Trans' community and yet I know so many who have been pushed away from the group and felt unwelcome. Mainly they are MtF transsexuals. Most say that they werent allowed to express their views or opinions. I meet another two just on Sunday night. The heiracy in Genderbridge Inc seem to want to be controlling their own way. They have stated incorporated rules but then seem more to only use the ones they want to and flout the ones that dont work for them. They run it the way they want to. They seem to want a click group to me.

My major concern is with their supposedly being a support group and wanting to help educate, yet condone and even encourage miss gendering. You can identify as you like is a lovely sentiment but when someone is clearly miss gendering themselves then where is the help and education for them. Giving them false belief is merely encouraging them. This gives them power and in the short term maybe fine but can have a serious negative impact later.

Supporting, encouraging and allowing someone to identify as a transsexual, when they may well be some kind of transgender but not TS is wrong. This gives them support and power that may well see them to go on and have GRS that is irreversible. Then in time the person realises they arent TS but say GQ or GV and regrets. I believe I know two who have been encouraged this way. This is wrong and dangerous. This is playing God in a young vulnerable persons life.

Creating a 'safe space' is all well and good but how does this help people to cope in the real world? Molly codling them in a blanket alas again does more harm then good. As long as people are expressing opinions with passion and not doing personal attacks, where is the harm. Instead of reacting with a knee jerk when someone young yells 'unsafe space', merely because someone differed in their view, surely it is better to take them aside and explain these people have been there, they have some knowledge and are merely expressing their views, not threatening you in anyway, is the right way to do it.

By coddling these vulnerable youth doesnt help them in the real world. When they are confronted in a bar on K Rd, where is the safety net? These young have safe closed groups on the net as it is, They have their circle of friends, so expelling older TS who have life experience actually discriminates against the older TS and victimises them. It lulls the youth into a false sense of security and doesnt actually help them face the realities of life.

In its current form, Genderbridge Inc is isolationistic. It is clear that CD and MtF TS are not welcome. Especially if one wants to express differing views. this discrimination and transphobia of older TS especially is very negative and harmful of some of the very people they claim to support. Genderbridge Inc is not open to all. They have their heads buried somewhere and would rather be and condone an eletist mentality.

I have offered to mediate to resolve these issues and have been ignored.

I have been forced to lay complaints with OutlineNZ, Incorporated Societies, Charities Commission and the Human Rights Commission.

Out of courtesy, I emailed the Secretary of Genderbridge Inc last Thursday informing them of these complaints. In hope this might bring a response and a resolution to these issues but it appears they prefer to just ignore me so I will this week be laying further complaints in hopes that these concerns can be addressed and Genderbridge Inc can become a site that is there offering help and support to ALL in the Transgender/Transsexual Communities.

The Facebook group 'Transsexuals of New Zealand' now has 70 members with 47 members known to be Transsexual. That is really great and considering Genderbridge Inc's Facebook group only has 91 made up from a range of Transgender folk, TofNZ seems to be far more representative for Transsexuals and their supporters. Surely those within Genderbridge Inc must at some time sit down and wonder just what is going on. Where is their community and why are they not getting the support?

Oh I forgot, the head is burried so they cannot see.

(sorry couldnt resist)

Genderbridge Inc memebership drive - Yea Right

Posted by racheal_storm on March 29, 2012 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

This is in support of a memebership drive for Genderbridge Inc, Auckland, NZ.

Yea Right.

About Genderbridge Inc:

Genderbridge Inc is a group set up many years ago for support, advocacy and education of Trans people. Forsure. As long as you fall within strict paramaters and what they want these days. They have lost what they were originally set up for and have now become more a very exclussive, elitest group. Certain parts of the Trans community they dont want in their memebership and will either drive away subtly or with a hammer.

Where once they had a good memebership, in recent years it has dwindled to a few harderened core and some young, impressionable vulnerable folk who are gulible. So desperate a couple of years ago, they had to make memebership free and turn to online social networking to be able to get anyone. See, they have never really sat down and asked themselves 'Where have all the good old supporters gone? Why are they only attracting a certain element of the Trans community?' The answers are actually easy to see if one looks.


Just what group claiming to be a support group does the following.

Tell people they aren't a support group.

Push older Trans who have been there and done alot away.

Make people feel that if they need support, they will be the last place to go to.

Allows people to self identify as what ever they please, be it right or wrong or offends others. This just gives them false encouragement where later on in their journey, they may seek medical intervention, partly because of this false encouragement but then later regret it.

Provides a blanket protection so memebers are protected from the real world and arent able to cope in the real world.

A chair that seeks support from board memebers when someone lays a minor complaint because they cant handle and labels the complaintant as 'seeking attention.' Before they have even looked into it.

Alot of the problems stem from the Committe so lets look at the leadership.


What leadership? Again a chair that makes assumptions on if a complaint is valid or not and labels the complaintant as 'seeking attention' before they have looked into it. Who cant run a meeting to save themselves? No greeting new first time memebers and welcoming them along. Wasn't just me but 3 other newbies. Doesnt seem to have an issue at the meeting with anything but then somedays later makes accusations against people that they were rude to the guest speaker and memebers, Transphobic and homophopic. If I was as bad as claimed, wouldnt you have expected a Chair to have picked up and commented at the meeting? Doesnt have any formal structure to a meeting and clearly doesnt know what that is. Doesnt mix and mingle with newbies. Doesnt give encouragement to memebers to say who they are and something about themselves so others can get to know.

When a board memeber resigns, makes no contact with them to discuss why they resigned or to encourage them to stay. Could it be that is because they are a transsexual sex worker and they'd rather they left? Great.

Seems the current Chair is more someone who is lead than leads.

The vice chair has been there awhile. Well intentioned I am sure but really seems to come from a different socio group then alot.  Certainly doesnt show any interest in the girls off the street as is above that. White collar worker who is more interested in a blokes 4 wheel drive then the issues confronting Transsexuals and Transgender. Definitely not interested in cross dresses as can be taken from this comment she posted on a facebook page recently....

"GenderBridge is most definitely not a group of cross dressers - to my knowledge their are only currently 1-2 cross dressing members , TS are (and always have been) in the majority. There are no cross dressers on the current committee the majority of whom identify as TS."

Clearly, considering that CD make up the majority of memebers of the Transgender Community, they arent wanted in Genderbridge Inc.

The secretary seems to say things and not think of the impact on others or care. In a relationship with a natal female who works for the Human Rights Commission. I had a run in with her that lead to a complaint to the HRC and my understanding was she recieved a reprimand for divulging confidential information re an HRC complaint and stood down off the Genderbridge Board. Seems confussion here also as the secretary appears to be a FtM TS and in a relationship with a natal female. Is this a lesbian relationship or not? Im confused.

They have some memebers who do counselloring work yet sorry but some of these need their ability to counsel questioned. I would expect a counsellor to be a confident, secure knowledgeable person able to be out there. Not a person who meekly says in front of people 'Im ????' and cant say anything more or a person who clearly cant lead at a meeting or a person who hides in obscurity under a skirt. As a 56 yo sex change female, I sure wouldnt feel I could go to this group for counselloring and support.

So, who is Genderbridge Inc for?

Seems if you are gender queer or gender confused it might interest you. A FtM transsexual who is a feminist and activist ok. Vulnerable, young and seeking yep. Impressionable and gulible yep they want you. If you like to gossip and malign others then you will fit in well. Interlectual acedemic and at Uni, great!!!

However, if you are above 30, likely this group isnt for you. A cross dresser? definitely no. Involved in the sex industry in any way? no. Like a good discussion to learn and to be able to express your views, not for you. Seeking support? not likely as too much effort required unless it is what they say. a MtF TS? There are a couple involved but you are likely to be down trodden as you will be in a minority. Remember this group is Auckland based so you need to be a jaffa before you start.


What advocay? So they didnt like the Hells Pizza ad of the Tampon ad and wrote letters objecting but what have they done when a memeber wanted to push for the HRC recommendations? Submission to the Citizen Act? submissions to govt or council on Prostitution laws? Medical issues? I havent seen them present really, only as individuals.

So while many of Genderbridge Inc memebers and Genderbridge Inc itself have branded me elitest and transphobic, I feel it is actually the other way around. They dont want MtF Transsexuals who accept all have a right to their opinions, able to express theirs. That is transphobic by people who aren't transsexuals.

And if you are TS you have to sort of think there must be something to this when a prominant, well respect TS makes comments like these after Flow and I were booted.

"I do wonder if their spokesperson (????) is TS though after turning her back on us like that."

"I think this is just dreadful and tantamount to Transphobia by a group purporting to represent TG people from all ends of the spectrum it really is not good enough, it is to say the least discriminatory especially to the people you have arbitrarily removed from your membership, correct me if I am wrong but Flow and Storm are both saying they have been removed. I think you leave your selves open to the accusation of being discriminatory."

(posted on Genderbridge Inc wall but later removed by Genderbridge. Did they take any notice of it???)

So if you think Genderbridge Inc is for you, great. If you are thinking, then keep thinking and go join a NZ wide group like AgenderNZ or an internet group like Enfemme.These groups are way more open to all in the TG community. Arent bigoted and discriminatory and aren't transphobic. Sure they have spats but you can express your views.

But dont go join Genderbridge Inc.

Transphobia: Well I cant find the word in a dictionary but accept it is out there. Hell I am a Transsexual after all. So we know what the 'Trans' part relates to so now....

pho·bi·a  (fb-)n.1. A persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous.2. A strong fear, dislike, or aversion.

Me, transphobic??? come on that is merely insulting and aimed at maligning and marginalizing me. I sure dont have a fear of Trans be they transsexuals or Transgender. However I would suggest that memebers of Genderbridge do have a fear of me. Also some other real Transsexuals so who is Transphobic?

Lesbian broody chooks

Posted by racheal_storm on March 27, 2012 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

So what do broody hens and GenderBridge Inc have in common?

They spread their wings to cover infertile eggs.

Over protective.

You can remove the eggs, leaving only one and they still think they are important and protective of numbers.

They fly off wildly in defence and attack all who approach.

They will even try to have sex with thier own sex/gender.

Their over protectiveness will often lead to the their demise. (They end up running around as a headless chook)

Their over protectiveness will often lead to the whole nest going rotten.

I always have said that all groups do well and that it is for each individual to find the group that suits them. I dont believe that I have ever directly attacked a group on its stated goals however I do find at the moment that I need to attack GenderBridge Inc. Easy to accuse me of doing this because of personal conflict but it isnt all that.

It is also a genuine concern for the way this group is operating, the ability to support and influence young, vulnerable TG. The imparting of incorrect information that encourages wrongly and may be in part responsible for people claiming to be Transsexual and going off to have operations they will later regret. I hardly think that someone who does some few hours of training with a Gay organisation and likely has mental health issues themselves is a person who should be offering  counselloring to those seeking to find their way.

Over protecting them and keeping them in the nest, sheltering them from the outside world and reality is hardly a good thing to be doing. Making them aware that just because someone thinks differently than you, doesnt mean they are a danger. Give them convidence to be able to stand up and express their opinions with those who would differ is good.

GenderBridge Inc has made it clear that they are not a group for Transsexuals over 30 nor want cross dressers. Seems all that is there these days are two sex change TS (over 30) and all the rest are young, university interlectual types. Feminist Activists, radicles, Gender Queer, Gender non conformists, FtM Transsexuals, lesbians and wanna be lesbians. Elitest and exclussive unto themselves.

This group seems to be a group with a leader in place who is lead by others. The meeting I attended shows no real structure and was more of a free for all. The leadership seems to come from 3 core people more imparting themselves than actually following the rules or their stated Vision and Values. There is definite hidden agenders it seems. The leader made no comment on my behaviour at the meeting; belittled the complainant to there board when seeking someone else to handle her and then suddenly decides some days later that I did wrong at the meeting and standing up for the complainant as this is a chance to get rid of Storm. And to hell with complying with the rules.

Accussations of a Transsexual being transphobic are stupid. Especially one who has so many TS and TG friends. Same for the homophobic accussation considering I have numerous Gay friends. This accussation is not  only disgusting but is purely an attack on myself personally aimmed to discredit me.

There answer seems more to ignore and she will go away.

Foolish as I have time on my hands (alas) and many ways to skin a cat. Ammunition is building and dents in the armour being made.

interesting comment from Canada

Posted by racheal_storm on March 27, 2012 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Was sent a link to this blog and I feel it is very interesting considering the current TG vs TS debate around the world. Its not just here in NZ but around the world, TS are fed up with non-TS telling us who we should be and who falls into the TS definition, Changing our definition to suit others.

The best part, which shows clearly that there was never an intention originally for TS to come under the Transgender umbrella. Non-TS just went and put us there!!! Many TS here in NZ, objected to our Human Rights Commission when they called for submissions on their Transgender Report, that they didnt want to lumped under the TG umbrella but alas they never listened to Transsexuals back then unless it was what the HRC wanted to hear.

"Originally, the term transgender was coined in the 1970s by Virginia Prince in the USA, as a contrast with the term “transsexual,” to refer to someone who does not desire surgical intervention to “change sex,” and/or who considers that they fall “between” genders, not identifying strictly to one gender or the other, identifying themselves as neither fully male, nor female."

This piece taken off the net sure says how Virginia Prince wanted to actually differentiate between Transsexual and Transgender. She had no intention of creating an umbrella term all inclussive. It was non- TS who just assimulated us into this umbrella, along with Intersex and Drag artists (Kings and Queens) with no regard as to what we wanted.

All they wanted was a barrel to dump all who didnt gender conform to societies expectations so they didnt have to bother to try to understand us.

To me and for myself, most transsexuals accept the binary. Male and female. We acknowledge now that there are sub groups under those two genders where as TG like to think and argue that gender is a spectrum, a sphere, fluid etc. TS are born with a male body and seek it to be corrected to a female body or vicea versa. (FtM) There isnt a half way point or somewhere in between.

So here (hopefully) is the link to the blog. Go read and enjoy.

and now they claim it was something else

Posted by racheal_storm on March 25, 2012 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (0)

So now I get an email from M.Lawson, secretary of GenderBridge Inc.


Hi Racheal,


Unfortunately your request for membership to GenderBridge has not been accepted by the committee.  As per the constitution of GenderBridge anyone can apply for membership but the committee must ratify this (rule 4a).  At the committee meeting on Tuesday 20th March your application was presented to the committee and voted against.


The committee felt it had no option due to the receipt of complaints about your behaviour at the March Member’s meeting.  It was alleged to the committee that you were consistently interrupting and rude to the guest speaker, rude to GenderBridge members when they did not want to share personal information and saying homophobic and transphobic remarks. Members also said they felt intimidated by your behaviour.


The constitution of GenderBridge is available publicly via the website:


Max Lawson

Secretary - GenderBridge"

First off, I would strongly contend that the 'vote' was invalid. I have had prior conflict with 3 of the 5 committee board members and would guess that 1 of the other 2 is one of the complainants. No 'conflict of interest' was declared. As I believe there is a 'conflict of Interest', any 'vote' that 4 of the 5 committee/board members made was invalid.

I would also be interested to know if the committee/board meeting was convened according to the constitution or rules.

As to the 2 nd paragraph, what a pack of defamitory lies. Lies which I was given no right to defend nor any warning. The Chairperson was present at the meeting and never made any comment or mention or warning of any wrong doing, if there was any. If I had infringed even slightly in any of the above ways, I would have expected the Chair to have censored or commented to me in some way. What sort of Chairperson is this Chair of GenderBridge I have to ask?

So lets look at these spurious allegations one by one......

  1. " were consistently interrupting and rude to the guest speaker,"  I did ask questions of the Guest Speaker. In the same fashion as others present asked questions. It was in the manner the guest speaker appeared to want it as a friendly discussion where people could interact between. The guest speaker acknowledged my questions as she did the others and appeared to me to have no issues. How I was any more 'rude' than anyone else who asked a question, is beyond me. Where the others who asked questions dealt with by GenderBridge in anyway or was I singled out?
  2. "rude to GenderBridge members when they did not want to share personal information" I never pushed hard or asked for anyones 'personal information.' At the start of the meeting, like with most meetings there was a time for people present to introduce themselves. Usually in my past experience this is where people tell the name they wish to be addressed by and alittle about themselves. Yes, one person only gave their name and I did comment to encourage her to give more by saying something to the effect 'comon, tell us something about you.' This was given to encourage her and when she said it was all she wanted to say, I let it ride at that. Hardly pushing for anything, let alone 'personal information.' Merely wanting to know people since I felt I had recieved a very unwelcome welcome by members of the meeting.
  3. "saying homophobic and transphobic remarks." This is what I find the most disgusting and hurtful comment. This from a group whos meeting ground rules profess 'let others have a safe space to have their say', 'Respect that not everyone has the same views', 'dont bring personal conflict to meetings'. There has been an upswell of Transsexuals of late, annoyed with the usurping of our label and definition. While some of my comments may well have been to this, I never forced the issue or persued it endlessly. It seems I was not welcome to express my views, others at the meeting did not have to respect my rights or other transsexuals rights to my and their views. I would ask just what these so called homophobic and transphobic comments were. I never made any. If anything, I would charge that members at the meeting were themselves Transphobic in not respecting a Transsexuals right to express what their, and others, opinion of what a transsexual is.
  4. "Members also said they felt intimidated by your behaviour." I believe most there know me from what they have seen on the internet or heard by gossip. They have their preconcieved ideas from that and alas it is wrong. Yes I am not a diplomat and call a spade a spade. But I do partake of a discussion. Am I not allowed to?

I went to that meeting in the hope of some seeing I am not as I have been made out to be. Hoping to clear the air and with an open mind. Was I welcomed? No from the start I felt like I wasnt welcome. Did anyone their come and say hello? No. Did the Chair welcome me as a new member and first timer to the meeting? No, when she realised I was there, she fell over the chairs in a rush to get away from me. Others turned their backs on me. I approached two members there who I knew personally and spoke to them. they were fine. I also spoke to two other relatively new members who were also fine. But I was shunned by the majority of regular members at that GenderBridge meeting. Not one was polite and attempted to even have a civil conversation with me.

So this was the welcome a first attendee gets at a GenderBridge meeting? The old clan bands together and collauds. there are rules for some that are different for others. They have elitest little enclaves on FB, closed secret rooms, safe spaces for them but GenderBridge is clearly being shown as not for all TG. Yes this matter has been discussed in these secret little safe rooms I am well aware so why do these people need to yell 'unsafe space' in here other than to keep it exclussive and not for all TG.

It would seem to me with recent comments and happenings that GB is not a place for MtF Transsexuals or CD. Only FtM Transsexuals and Gender Queer, Gender Questioning, Gender Confused and Gender Fuck are welcome.

Pot - kettle is plain.


Genderbridge Inc vs Me - Why

Posted by racheal_storm on March 22, 2012 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)

There are several reasons why I will have a go at Genderbridge over their recently expelling me from their group and Facebook page.

1/ I dont believe personally that they try to be supportive of all gender variant people.

2/ They do not support Transsexuals, especially the older time TS.

3/ the  way in which they supposedly support new emerging young TG is not actually in the best interests of this group.

4/ They do not comply with their own rules as per the Incorporated Societies.

5/ They appear to be a law unto themselves.

6/ Im sick of people condeming me discriminatorially because of gossip, and what others who have never met me say on the net.

It is all well and good having the attitude that you can identify as you please but does it make it right and is it really a good thing? I have seen many TS arguing of late about the TS vs TG debate. Alot of the argument revolves around the use of the male penis. It is all well and good to be young and feminine in appearance both physically and mentally but if you use your penis as a male during love making and derive pleasure from it as a male, then it really is an indicator that you are not a TS but more a GQ, CD or something else. I have no problems with these others even tho I dont understand them.

As a GP said to me recently said when I asked him about a TS using their penis,

"Isnt it all about being as feminine as possible?"  All the TS I have known and care to identify as 'real TS' are born in a body they  dont like, dont want the penis used, touched or acknowledged. Want rid of it.

So allowing/ encouraging someone to use the term Transsexual when they arent, gives them confidence and supports them in the belief they are 'real transsexual'. this can encourage them to continue down the path and perhaps seek GRS. If they arent TS and discover some years after having GRS then this can cause major problems.

Genderbridge should be helping these young questioning TS to find themselves and come to understand themselves. Not encouraging them to be just claiming to be what ever. When they do, they also confuse society even further but that is a past post.

GB claim they want a 'safe' environment for all yet these young have learnt to just yell loudly 'unsafe space' and get a cuddle. How does this help them in the real world? They cant handle something they feel is threatening on an internet screen but what is GB doing to help these people in the real world. Yes I and others speak up and with confiction. We say what we believe. BUT we never threatened anyone with  violence. I repeatedly said that others have a right to identify as they want but also said I had a right to accept them as that or to my opinion.

I was called a bald headed man in a dress, a nazi, asked to leave by 2 non committee members  so GB expelled me. Others were far worse than I on both sides. Where did GB offer me a safe space? Am I not entitled to one? To be able to express my opinions? Im supposed to just accept all others but no one else has to accept I have a right? Seems real discrimination to me. GB should have been teaching these young emerging who screemed 'unsafe' that words cannot hurt you. It is only oneself and how we take the words that hurts. Teaching them that there is a diversity of views out there in the real world and that I and others were merely expressing our opinions and beliefs.  Did they? No.

Instead they would have said that is Storm nutting off again. We will get rid of her. One of those saying the same as I is a well resepcted TS and did they expell her? No. Those who made the decision went against so many of the rules of GB as on their website. The first one is 'Conflict of Interest.' I have had previous run ins with all three where there was conflict. They didnt follow their own rules but just attacked me by judging and expelling from biase largely.

I made no threats of violence.

I never mis gendered anyone.

I made no derogitory personal attacks on anyone.

Alas Genderbridge Inc's committee needs to resign and put in place statutory managers of some kind.

When there is a 'conflict of interest' their rules state a complaint should be dealt with by OutlineNZ. So I approached OutlineNZ who nothing about this or about it being on GB's website wall.

GB is only interested in who they are interested in. Quite happy to mis gender and have people usurp other labels and definitions. Happy to help society be confused even more. They are not inclussive as can be taken from this post on another FB page by the vice chair of GB.....

"GenderBridge is most definitely not a group of cross dressers - to my knowledge their are only currently 1-2 cross dressing members "

Where are all the oldies in GB? Most have been there and felt ostrichised and left. GB need to look long and hard at thier membership and work out why they really represent such a small number of TG, let alone TS and seems CD.

So who are there mainly? Young, impressionable, gender questioning Uni students it seems to me.

This sage will continue.....

TS vs TG runs hot

Posted by racheal_storm on March 18, 2012 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Been great to see so many Transsexuals standing up for our definition and what it means. I have seen it discussed on several places and with good passion. Certainly I dont believe any of the TS have intended anyone any harm but it has been disappointing to see the reactions of some of the young emotive TG who have flown off all emotionally and lost their rags.

Perhaps it has made them reaccess themselves and how they can have a penis and enjoy using it. Look, no one has an issue if that is your thing but that isnt a Transsexual. That is a man and a crossdresser at best. And the woman they are with and themselves are not lesbians.

Its been nice for also as I am not the sole 'baddie' here. There have been many TS saying the same thing. 'If you have a penis and enjoy using sexually then you are a man. Not a TS."

Call yourself a TG or a CD or GQ or what ever but stop confussing the world and claiming you are TS.

Also if you are not a Transsexual but are a TG, please do not tell us what words we have to use, what the definitions are for our words and what words the press should use for us.

Tranny is fine with me and others I know;

Sex change is alas who I have to be because the correct word to describe me was hijacked from me - Transgender.

Shemale is fine as it is a porn star in a porn movie. A man with a big dick and breasts most likely. I much prefer hear Shemale porn then Tranny porn. Tranny porn is infact boring. No boobs and dicks that dont function.

Well back to it and I am figuring by next Thursday I will have a big story for you.

When I was a little boy vs....

Posted by racheal_storm on March 14, 2012 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

now I am a mature lady. Could this be the problems in the now world?

When I was a little boy I played cowboys and indians, made guns and reved my matchbox car. I drank water from a creek, milk from a bottle and climbed trees. I had a sharp as pocket knife that I used to cut down trees and make spears from. We tied up the neighbors little sister to the clothes line and pretended she was a squaw. We called her sissy and other boys who cried sissy as well. We climbed trees and swung from vines. Condoms were used to stop pregnancies.

Secretly I dressed in my mothers clothes.

When I went to the Doctor and told him I had a need to cross dress he told me to grow a beard and I'd feel more manly. When I went into my first ever rugby scrum, I was told to just punch the opposing prop. We fought, kicked and punched to survive and be a man.

We respected our elders and were in fear of Dad's belt and Mum's wooden spoon. We ate dinner in silence as the adults talked freely. We had Cadets at school and CMT. No one walked around with socks down, hands in pockets, shirt out. We had pride.

Now days kids arent allowed knives for fear they might get cut , guns are bad as they promote violence, dont share bottles or dont drink from a bottle as you might catch a bug, dont climb trees, you might fall and break your arm. Condoms main use is to stop STI's. Caning at school and the thrashing of old from a parent is now a police complaint

We nampy pamper our youth. We must create safe environments and protect them. They dont face the real world. They can choose how they identify, make up a new definition, create new meanings, usurp the meanings of old words and answer back to our elders. Tell elders their meaning of things is different now and the oldies must change and accept the new way.

Pride is a Gay event. A reason to party. By pandering to them and molly coddling them, we have to give up our views, beliefs and learning from life? Do they take the time to learn from thier elders or preach adamantly now and then change their position in a few years time to something else.

There is too much input from the young who still are on thier journey and learning. To many do gooder interlectuals who are protected from reality and bolster themselves with evidence from science, not life. Where have all the old trannies gone? Been beaten into submission, given up on Transgender issues and gone off to live a real life. Will the young ever learn?