WTF - Practise what you seek to preach.

Posted by racheal_storm on May 26, 2012 at 8:55 PM

WTF –Practise what you seek to preach.


First up, I am going to open myself up publicly here again but it isn’t seeking sympathy or attention but to try to promote awareness. This is highly personal to me for a range of reasons but it is also similar to alot of Transsexuals. I’m pigheaded, obstinate, arrogant, proud, broad shoulders, stable, opinionated, confident, have a heart, care and more. Right? But I’m also vulnerable, weak, emotional, hormonal, unsure at times, insecure, nervous and more. Just I choose not to show it and even  perhaps don’t know how to show it.  


The WTF campaign recently launched by OutlineNZ and Rainbow Youth is a good campaign aimed at ending discrimination and the harm caused by it. It is backed by many within the TG groups also. It has my total support. However, it has one problem I see. If you are going to preach this and get behind it, then you need to be squeaky non discriminatory yourself. Many who I have seen come out in support aren’t.


Within the TG so called community and the Gay community, there isdiscrimination against their own.  ‘Here we go,’  you say. ‘Another whawha post.’ Well you just judged me and put me down didn’t you? I don’t want your sympathy thanks. I don’t need it but maybe you need to take a look at yourself and ask, 'do you discriminate against others?'


Yes, I believe I and another were discriminated against by members of Genderbridge Inc for expressing our views openly when they weren’t in alignment with others. We were booted from the Facebook page and membership declined or revoked. I was malgined. When I offered the chance to seek mediation, I was branded, isolated and send to Coventry. No one showed any sign of wanting to help sort the differences out. I showed I was prepared to talk about them but the doors were slammed in my face.


Even OutlineNZ were offered a chance to help but they withdrew quickly. I was judged and I’m sure alot of derogatory labels put against me, behind my back where I couldn’t answer. I also feel the HRC, Charities Commission, and other Government Agencies where swung with baise because of discriminatory comments lauded against me.


Is that not discrimination?



Then there is the recent article where 3 TS, waiting GRS, felt they needed to go public in the media about the waiting list. Despite calls to NZ TG Groups for support, they received none. Why? I believe because I was the main instigator. They were discriminated against by their communities because of how people judged me. Also because theGroups were shown up as sitting doing nothing and they received no qudos for it. The story wasn’t about me but about 53 Transsexuals sitting on a 26 year waiting list. I asked groups to put aside their differences with me and support them but we were blacked. Discriminated against by our supposed own community and so where the 53 and other Transsexuals by association.


I’m not angry but am disappointed. I’m not perfect but can be wrong. I make mistakes, change my views and can apologise. However I find few out there these days who know how to apologise. Alas and yes, alas, I am often right and it pisses people off. I’m not trying to rub it in but there is discrimination in our own communities. People don’t have to accept others but do need to learn to tolerate others. If others have views that differ from our own, we don’t have to accept but we need to learn how totolerate that there are differences and allow others the same rights as we expect. To be able to express one’s own views and opinions.


We shouldn’t be blacking them and sending them to Coventry, isolating them.That is discrimination.


This is the part I don’t want sympathy for but to ask people to think of the effects all this can have on others. That they may not be as strong as they appear. That at times they might need help even though it doesn’t appear so. ‘She can handle it.’ Isn’t always so. I know many older TS who put alot of time and effort into the TG/TS community and Gay community but who have walked away. They tried to help others but were beaten into submission and often discriminated against by their own.


Ostracised and isolated, some have tried suicide, some live a lonely life but where are the communities? They discriminated and judged them. Cast them aside.They are proud and so won’t try to fight the groups/organisations to get help but the groups/organisations don’t even know who they are. The groups live in their own little isolated collectives, protected in their ‘safe’ world but don’t see the damage that has been done outside. They are safe and happy in their lala land and that is all that counts.


So go back to my character and the sympathy I don’t want as an example of others who aren’t or can’t be as public as I am. (I’m doing this for them in hopes you will think)


That strong, arrogant, pigheaded, confident, astute, Racheal/Storm McGonigal who is so out there and opinionated. What do you know of my financial situation? My life? My family situation? Of the off line real me? On what have you judged me?


2011 was the worst year ever for me in my life. I won’t go into a lot of detail but it revolved around my family, my financial situation, lack of a job, but also a frustration at the way I wasbeing judged and discriminated against by others who didn’t know me one littlebit!!


In August, 2011 it reached the lowest point. At around 9pm one evening I opened a bottle of Taittinger’s Champagne, which I’d carried since 2004 with me as it had special meaning. I always had planned to drink it with my children but I choose to drink the lot, alone, that night in 30 minutes. I took more than 200 codeine, paracetamol, aspirin and a few other pills and went to bed. At 9.30am the following morning, I was found stone cold, naked on my living room floor by a concerned friend and an ambulance was called. I was in a coma. I was told later, I was so close to death, they didn’t think I’d recover.  I was in acoma in intensive care for 24 hrs before I came to and was released a couple of days later. I have wonderful friends and those close to me supported me and helped. They are the best of the best.


My point being where was I made to feel able to go to a so called TG Support group like Genderbridge Inc or the likes of OutlineNZ? Others feel the same. These groups currently isolate anddiscriminate. They don’t look to help any but their own. People, especially older, feel proud and are not able to admit they need help and to seek it. But when they are condemned by young members of groups/organisations who believe and see only their own way as the right way, can you blame these people in need from feeling it is a waste of time seeking help there.


To those who want to support the WTF campaign, fantastic but if you are going to promote to end discrimination I ask, have you stopped discriminating? To those who object to the swear word in it, I just say well I object to the discrimination.Which is worse? As for me, well I am sure there are times I likely do discriminate a bit but generally I believe while others opinions may differ from mine, I sure hope I tolerate and can listen to the arguments in a discussion.


My door is always open to people, I don’t shut people out. I’m always willing to listen and try to make a settlement. Wish more people where able to.


So WTF, lets end discrimination.


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