Legal Marriage and Religious Marriage

Posted by racheal_storm on April 29, 2013 at 9:05 PM

The Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill has passed so now what? With its passing, it has shown clearly there is two clear sides to marriage.  The legal and/or Crown side and the religious and/or Church side. The Crown saying Same sex marriages are legal but alas most churches still refusing to acknowledge and give religious legitimacy to Same sex marriages. 

Two definite and clearly different types of Marriage.

In the Crown side, one may apply for a marriage license, marry and divorce. All legally recognised by the Crown. Through the Family Court and Birth, Deaths and Marriages.  On the other side the Church recognises the Marriage in a religious service (but you have to have a legal piece of paper). But wait, where and how do Churches recognise divorce? When two people Divorce legally, the Crown recognises it but where does the Church?  The Church as a whole may say it recognises divorce but where does it recognise an individual’s divorce? No one applies to the Church for divorce. There is no Divorce application form, no Divorce service, no (un)bands read and no Church announcement in a service. The Church in fact doesn’t recognise a person’s divorce.

The Crown recognises one person may marry one person. That no person shall have more than one wife or partner now. A person can marry, divorce, remarry, divorce, remarry, divorce as many times as one likes but can only be married to one person at a time. Sounds right to me.

In the other camp though, a person may marry another (man and woman) but then that person can then marry another person. And then another person. The Church does not openly recognise an individual’s divorce and so under Church laws and actions a man may have many wives and a wife may have many husbands. This has been the case in religion for years. 

The Church has by refusing to marry same sex couples, made their stamp on there being two clear types of marriage. Legal marriage and religious marriage. They can not then turn and say ‘but we accept legal divorce as religious divorce.’ That is picking and choosing.  We accept legal divorce, a legal marriage license but we won’t accept legal marriages. How can you accept a legal divorce, a legal license, if you won’t accept legal marriages?

By the Church not recognising a divorce but then remarrying people as many times as they like, sorry but the Church is actually sanctioning bigamy and polygamy. The very thing many anti same sex marriages stated they were in fear of. Yet their Churches have been doing it for years.

So come on Churches, get your act together.  If you condone and support polygamy what’s wrong with Same Sex marriage?


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