Just what is a Transwoman?

Posted by racheal_storm on April 30, 2013 at 7:40 PM

Be careful what you ask for.

Recently we have seen around the world discussions on Transwoman competing in sports such as UFC (Fallon Fox), LPGA. Here, we have seen calls for Transwoman to be housed in woman’s prisons.

What is a Transwoman?
I googled 'Definition of Transwoman' and in the first 2 pages got 13 answers of 'Transsexual or Transgender woman'; 2 answers of just 'Transsexual woman.'

So basically it seems a Transwoman is either a TS or TG woman. At least 'Transsexual' was recognised in all.

I do not support calls for Transwoman to compete in sports against natal woman or to be held in woman’s prisons. I can’t see anyone in their right mind agreeing so. I will happily support calls for Transsexual woman competing in natal ladies sports and being housed in woman’s prisons. (under certain conditions).

These examples clearly highlight the importance of getting away from the use of the non specific 'Trans', 'Trans*' and 'Transgender' words. These highlight the importance of understanding the differences between all under these umbrella terms which are too general. Highlight the importance of society to understand us all where they currently don’t.

If you call for all Transwoman to be allowed to compete against natal woman and to be housed in woman’s prisons you are calling for Cross dressers, Transvestites, Gender Queer, Androgynous, Fa'fafine, Fakaleiti etc, who predominantly aren’t on hormones, haven’t been affected by hormones, have not had GRS/SRS and are still able to function sexually as men, to be able to compete against natal female and be housed in woman’s prisons. Stupid.

Or are you negating a large sector of people, who have the right to identify as Transwoman and saying they don’t have that right?

To me the authorities can not take you and this call seriously. We will all just be laughed and scoffed at.

There is no denying that where Transwoman prisoners are housed and kept is an important issue and needs to be looked at. Corrections are doing so but it isn’t just Corrections we need to be directing this at. Corrections do not determine the sentence, the Judges do. Judges need to be able to make sentences with consideration of where the prisoner will be held. A man sentenced to 1 year in a man’s prison, serves a way easier sentence then a Transwoman who is sentenced to 1 year in prison and has to serve it in solitary confinement. We need to be addressing this issue with the Judiciary also.

And then there is also the Parole board that need to be able to take into considerations as to a Transgender person.

Alas the competing against natal woman in sports and housing in prisons, can not be accomplished by a blanket rule for all in a hugely diverse barrel but need to be addressed on a case by case basis. As individuals.

And then there is Gay effeminate men, where should they be housed? We need to get others in the so called GLBTI community on board as well.

I totally support calls for these issues to be looked into and improvements made but I won’t support blanket calls that all Transwoman......

This is clearly why we need to get rid of these generalising, non descriptive words such as Trans, Trans* and Transgender umbrella. It’s not elitism but common sense, we are too diverse under them and are totally different.


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