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August 1st 2013:

"Be Careful What You Wish For"  My first fiction.

Romance / Erotica. When two extremmely wealthy and succesful people can buy anything, can they really? Fears of not being used or ripped off make Romance possible. Amourous love making for sunsual lustful sex; mile high club to swingers club, lesbian and voyeur, phone sex and self gratification, all with an undercurrent of bdsm. 

New - May 2013:

"Reflections" - A collection or articles I have written or have been written about myself. Most have been published in someway before but show a change in views, my experience in 5 years. Why has most discrimination come from? What is a Transwoman? Prostitution. Does the church condone bigamy? and more.

Released 2012:

"Country Boy to City Girl."- My life from day 1 to just post-op. Everything is open.

"Summer Storm."- Saucy in parts as I worked around Australia and NZ as an escort with the Glam Trans Summer. Just post-op and for a few years. Lies, love, sex, mafia, drugs etc and it was all fun.

"A Pictorial Tansformation - Him to Her." - 70+ pictures of my life. See when the smiles arrived.

"Transgender Guide" -  a really basic booklet for those who are really just starting to question.

Remember they are real, my personal experiences, findings, beliefs and opinions based on the information I had. Some may disagree with me and that is their right but this is the truth as Racheal / Storm experienced it. 

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Sensual Erotica