All about Storm/Racheal and her books.

Storm is the working name of Racheal McGonigal.

Racheal is lucky to have been born a male and traveled to female. Racheal is now a post op Transsexual female or sex change female. Definitely female now. 3rd February, 2006, Phuket, Thailand - Thank you Dr Sanguan Kunaporn.

Racheal has written several books about her journey and life to help others understand. 

As yet unpublished in hard print but available on Amazon.comand elsewhere.

Transgender Guide is a basic small booklet with very basic answers for some one just discovering and questioning their gender identity. Written by someone who has been there and not some technical medical expert with no real experience.

Country Boy to City Girl is the story of Racheal from birth to just after her first gender reassignment surgery (GRS). Open, honest truth about what it is to be a Transsexual. Trying to understand yet having to hide.

Summer Storm is where Storm was born. Hooking up with an amazing Transsexual, then preop, in Western Australia and learning about being a female and men. Summer Bardot helped form Storm/Racheal into the woman she is while they escorted around Australia and New Zealand where prostitution is not illegal and is understood. While Summer was a wonderfully warm person in so many ways, she also was a liar, thief and conartist alas.


This book has it all. Love, lust, sex, drugs, mafia, lies, fables and more.

Will make a great movie one day with the right screen writer.


Pictorial Diary has more than 70 pictures of Racheal's journey.

Reflections: Latest book (May 2013) is a collection of articles about, by and of myself. Not looking for praise but here to encourage others to find ways to standup and speak out so society can understand Transsexuals and sex workers better. This helping to end discrimination.


Racheal seeks understanding for Transsexuals so these books are availableon


You might like this you tube clip also: Transsexual journey from Andrew to Racheal


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